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My cooking and baking style is "HUGE with healthy and a dab of decadence!" I love living a healthy lifestyle which includes exercising, eating healthy and cooking well.  I aslo enjoy eating delicious food.  I don't believe in crash diets, but I do believe in conscientious and conscious eating habits.  Some amazing food recipes are worth their weight in calories, but others can be tweaked to be healthier! Through much of my own experimentation and research, I've gleaned a multitude of "inspired" recipes and cooking hacks such as...not everything good has to be made from scratch and not everything good needs to be made with tons of butter! It is my pleasure to share my and selective guest contributors' baking or cooking recipes and findings with you all.

Michelle Sam

Many of my recipes are "ethnically" inspired as a result of my upbringing as a Chinese in South Africa and my travels around the world where I love to "live and eat like the locals".  After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes a few years ago, I started researching the wonders of sourdough and am on a mission to create recipes that are healthier while keeping them interesting and delicious.

Check out my recipessourdough digesttips & tricks as well as my helpful tools section.  So, tie on an apron and come join me in my kitchen!  Also,  please send me requests, questions or comments in the comment section.  I'd love to hear from you. Lastly, I would love and appreciate a follow on social media.  Thanks!

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December 1, 2022


I grew up never observing Halloween. My first trick-or-treating was as a college student with my now husband! When my daughters grew up, my husband, Alex, with nostalgic memories of his trick-or-treating days, wanted to create a fun evening.   Every year, we would buy pumpkins, clean out the seeds and make jack-o-lanterns. To me, the best part of this READ MORE


I grew up never observing Halloween. My first trick-or-treating was as a college student with my now husband! When my GET THE RECIPE

So what do you do when Halloween is over and you have an overabundance of pumpkin and squash?  Pumpkins and GET THE RECIPE

As a South African, there is nothing better than a good piece of beef!  I love biltong (South African beef GET THE RECIPE

I'm not a big "pasta" or carb eater after being diagnosed with prediabetes, but I will make and enjoy "dumplings" GET THE RECIPE

Black forest chocolate cake is one of my favorite cakes.  It reminds me of the days growing up in South GET THE RECIPE

My happy place, if it's not in nature is in the kitchen, anyone's kitchen!  I could spend hours baking or GET THE RECIPE

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About Michelle Sam

Michelle was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and has been a passionate eater since birth and cook since age 7. She later started experimenting in the kitchen, recreating and tweaking dishes she discovered on vacation and her travels to countries around the world. Michelle currently lives in Irvine, CA and manages a tech company that she founded ten years ago. When she isn't working with her engineers to write code, she can be found in her kitchen absorbed in a new project. When Michelle's two daughters moved to the East Coast, she filmed a few cooking tutorial videos to help guide her girls to make their favorite "Mom dishes" on their own. To Michelle's dismay, it appeared that thousands of anonymous viewers enjoyed her tutorial videos...but not her daughters! They would still call her for instructions. Michelle also started The OC Supper Club, a group of foodies that get together for member-lead cooking class meals, potluck competitions, and tastings through the many hidden culinary gems of Orange County.

Update:  I recently posted a very silly video that has nothing to do with cooking.  My girls apparently watch it almost every day!

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