Virtual Team Building and Social Events Cook Along

Hosted privately for your group and led by me.  Customized to fit your needs.

After decades in the corporate world, I've led many team events to either build an effective focused work team, boost morale, or just let loose for some fun and fellowship.  Cooking together allows people to work towards a common goal, breaks down unconscious hierarchical barriers, allows spontaneous discussion around similar tastes in food, cooking skills, travel and family to occur.  This experience creates friends, not just colleagues which improves teamwork.  Isn't this fun team building experience worth the investment?

How it Works




Planning the event

The cooking class should last between 1.5-2 hours.  Classes are $30 per person with a $500.00 minimum. This does not include the cost of ingredients. See recipes below to give you an idea of the types of dishes your group would like to cook.  You can also custom design dishes if they are not listed there.  Submit the "Interest Form" and you'll receive a call to discuss dishes, ingredient list, timing, goals for the team bonding / social etc.  Some recipes may take less time depending on if ingredients are prepped in advance.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN MENU or have us help you.

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My Kitchen is Open!

Come in, learn something about cooking, learn something about your peers and have a great time!

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