Mammafong Round Bottom 14-inch Traditional Carbon

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Michelle Sam

Michelle Sam was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and has been a passionate eater since birth and cook since age 7. She later started experimenting in the kitchen, recreating and tweaking dishes she discovered on vacation and her travels to countries around the world. Michelle currently lives in Irvine, CA and manages a tech company that she founded ten years ago. When she isn't working with her engineers to write code, she can be found in her kitchen absorbed in a new project. When Michelle's two daughters moved to the East Coast, she filmed a few cooking tutorial videos to help guide her girls to make their favorite "Mom dishes" on their own. To Michelle's dismay, it appeared that thousands of anonymous viewers enjoyed her tutorial videos...but not her daughters! They would still call her for instructions. Michelle also started The OC Supper Club, a group of foodies that get together for member-led cooking class meals, potluck competitions, and tastings through the many hidden culinary gems of Orange County. My cooking style would be this: HEALTHY WITH A DAB OF DECADENCE!